5 Virtual Team Building Activities

With COVID-19 changing the workplace landscape on a global level it is no surprise that the demand for remote work options is becoming popular and even permanent options at many companies. Big tech companies like Facebook, Apple, and Twitter have indicated that work from home is here to stay and most of their workforce will not be returning to the office soon. With no commute and less pressure to purchase expensive workwear, working from home has its advantages! However, it is also harder to build personal relationships with your co-workers and management, which can decrease morale and productivity. That’s where these five virtual team building activities come to the rescue!



This is a great way for the team to get to know each other on a more personal level. Ask everyone to send a few lesser-known facts about themselves ahead of your next team meeting, mix them up, and enter them into one master document. Then send out a printable document to everyone with the names of each team member along with space for everyone to take notes. During your meeting, read out each item and ask everyone to record which fact they think matches each employee. This is a creative way for everyone to learn interesting facts about one another!



Working from home has its perks, but it also leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. Get everyone’s blood pumping, and mind working, by organizing a step challenge for the whole team! Almost everyone owns some form of activity tracker these days, but you may consider having this year’s company holiday gift be a Fitbit so that everyone is working with the same platform. This will help everyone encourage each other and build team bonds.



Facebook and the like are popular for a reason! People love a peek into someone else’s life and pictures are a great way to share this. Ask everyone on your team to email a baby picture of themselves, and then share them during the next call to see if they can match their teammates to their photo. Or have them share a picture that is special to them have them explain why. Another great way for everyone to form a deeper bond and boost team morale!



Stress can lower a team’s productivity rate drastically. Initiate a virtual team meditation or yoga time! If you have a team member that excels here, let them lead, or you can always send a link to a video on YouTube. This is a great way to destress as a team and get back on track!



Finding ways to publicly recognize those that are going above and beyond for their team or excelling in a particular arena can be very motivating for an individual and the entire team. A little healthy competition is a great motivator and being recognized for your hard work is always a great morale booster!


Now get out there, or on your computer, and get your team pumped to be working together!