6 Things You Need to Know for a Successful Job Search

Are you about to embark on the adventure of finding a new job or career?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? That is natural, but lucky for you, we can provide you with 6 simple tips to set you on a course for success!



Sure, you can do the search alone, but then you would be missing an excellent opportunity! Recruiters not only have access to a vast number of companies you will not find in simple searches, but they also have trusted relationships with these companies. What does that mean for you? Getting your foot in a door you would not have had access to otherwise. The benefits do not end there! A recruiter can help you fine-tune your resume, prepare you for a specific interview, and make sure that you are being submitted to the absolute best fit for you. Job hunting can be intimidating, why not allow a recruiter to shoulder some of that burden? Your success is their success!



Resumes are where a lot of job hunters falter. What is the most pertinent information? What is going to make you stand out? Again, this is another fantastic way to utilize a recruiter and staffing agency, but it never hurts to have an amazing resume ready to go on your own. Make sure your resume is up-to-date! It seems obvious, but revamping a resume can feel just as tedious as designing one in the first place. Do it anyway! Also, do not be afraid to have more than one resume in your arsenal. Let us say you have a varied employment background and are planning to apply to a diverse array of industries- tailor each resume to highlight the skills that make you the best fit for their business. Finally, try to keep your resume to one page- too much information can become white noise to an employer.



Whether you are applying for an administrative position or the assembly line- a potential employer wants to see that you are taking them and the interview seriously. Coming in unkempt and with a lack of effort tells them how you view this position. If you cannot be bothered to make a good first impression, how are you going to be to work with on a regular day? Do you have the focus needed to get the job done? If you think your clothing and hair choices do not reflect this, you are wrong. Leave no doubts in their minds that you have your act together and are ready to work!



Do not go into an interview tongue-tied and uncertain of what you bring to the table. Charting out your successes and planning how to efficiently convey them to your potential employer goes a long way to keeping you calm and collected. It also shows the interviewer how well you understand where you excel and how that can complement their business.



Every recruiter will tell you how important it is to have a voicemail that is functional and professional. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching out to a candidate only to find that their voicemail is not set up or is full. Also, often time your voicemail is your potential employer’s first impression of you. Is your voicemail professional and easy to understand? If not, it is time to update that voicemail! Or set it up. Please, set up your voicemail!



Much like your voicemail, your email address is your first impression of both a recruiter and an employer. Having a professionally dedicated email not only gives a better first impression but also makes it easier for you to keep track of your professional connections. The best option is to use your name or a clean variation of it. You want to stand out to the employer, but not because you’re still using the Hotmail address you made when you were in 8th grade. You know the one. We all had one. Leave it in the past as you start your journey to your new career!