How To Tell If You Are a Good Candidate For Work From Home


Working from home sounds like a dream. However, for many people, it can quickly become a nightmare. Cutting out a commute and working in your PJs is enticing. But there are many other aspects to consider. Use this guide to decide if working from home is a fit for you.


Do you have a dedicated workspace?

If you are working from your bedroom or a kitchen table, problems often arise. Distractions like noticing little things that need to be done in that part of the house can often take you off task. The excess clutter from your work materials can also become an annoyance. For people who tend to be workaholics, it can encourage excessive work hours. If you are considering working from home, you should first identify a dedicated workspace.

Is the noise level in your house conducive to a professional work environment?

Even if your work is not exclusively on the telephone, there will come times when you need to make calls or take part in a virtual meeting. Dogs barking, children making noise and other home noises can detract from professional communication.


Are you easily distracted?

Working from home is highly convenient, however, there are endless distractions. Interruptions from other family members, home phone calls, household chores, and so many other things can steal your productive work hours.


Are you an extrovert?

Often individuals who are extroverted and thrive on being around others will struggle tremendously with working from home. They will find themselves feeling lonely and bored, even in a job they love.


Are you an introvert?

People who are introverted can work well in a home-based environment. However, is it truly the best for them? Leaving the house to go to work forces the introverted person to socialize with others, exchange ideas more regularly, and exercise those skills that are a little uncomfortable. In essence, it helps them grow as a person, something that work-from-home opportunities may not foster.


Are you disciplined?

Having the willpower to stay motivated and on task when there is no visible accountability can be a challenge for many people. Quite often by the time you realize that you’re not making productive use of your time, you have fallen significantly behind in your tasks or errors have been made that have brought the situation to the attention of others.


What are your true motivations for wanting a work-from-home job?

If you are looking for a work from home job because you don’t want to pay for childcare, or you want to be available to pick up your kids from school every day, or you want a lot more flexibility in your time off, you may not actually need a work from home job, you may need a part-time job or gig work.


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