Since the pandemic swooped in and rearranged all of our 2020 planners, the general philosophy has been to take things day by day, but as we near the end of the year that “shall not be named”- what lies ahead in 2021?

After reading the 2020 Candidate Sentiment Study by the American Staffing Association and its corporate research partner Clearly Rated, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the job candidates studied, both active and passive, have a fairly optimistic view of what’s to come. A bountiful 80% foresee working for a new company in the next 12 months, just over half (57%) are satisfied with their current employment, and 70% are optimistic about the future of their careers. A positive attitude is the foundation of any good candidate!

Understandably, the statistics weren’t all positive- 66% of candidates also said that looking for a job in this current climate is more stressful than planning a wedding, public speaking (65%), the birth of a child (59%), health concerns from Covid-19 (29%), the death of a loved one (25%), and financial concerns related to Covid-19 (24%). Though it would stand to reason that financial concerns are the driving force behind the stress of looking for a new career.

“To navigate the new world of work spurred by Covid-19, employers must be more attune to job candidate perceptions, needs, and priorities to effectively and strategically recruit them.”, said Cynthia Davidson, ASA senior director of research.

The data in the 2020 Candidate Sentiment Study can help us all push forward on a positive foot as we enter 2021.