Kiss the Horse in Support of the Marion County Literacy Council



Pictured above are baskets that “FastTrack to Kisses” auctioned off to raise funds and awareness for the Marion County Literacy Council during the Beer and Wine festival in Ocala, FL on May 7, 2016.

Kiss the Horse

The Marion County Literacy Council is a non-profit organization focused on making sure all adult citizens in Marion County have access to the resources available to help them improve their lives by improving their literacy skills. Did you know that one out of every five Marion County residents would have a tough time reading the sentence you just read? The reason: they are functionally illiterate.

Reading and GED preparation is the main focus of their program. However, they also offer an ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) program as well as basic computer, citizenship, financial literacy and health literacy classes.

One of the major fundraising events they put on each year to raise money for their cause is “Kiss the Horse”. Teams from local businesses in Marion County compete against each other by raising the most money for the Marion County Literacy Council. The winning team gets to kiss the Horse of the Year. FastTrack Staffing’s team, “FastTrack to Kisses”, loved being a part of such an awesome cause!

FastTrack Staffing’s Business Development Manager, Alexandra Powell, spearheaded the fundraising for our team. Although we didn’t come in first place, we had a great time raising funds for the @Marion County Literacy Council’s 2016 “Kiss the Horse” fundraiser.

“FastTrack to Kisses” team extends our gratitude to of our supporters, including Mary K. Thomas owner and founder of @FastTrack Staffing, @DanceDanceDance, and @Equistaff who contributed very generous donations, which were crucial to our campaign. We are so grateful for all of your contributions and we know they will be put to great use by the Marion County Literacy Council!!!