Announcing the 4Q 2019 MVP!

We would like to announce Juana Garcia for our Q4 MVP! She has been working for us at Almond since September and has been a phenomenal employee since.  The only days she has missed have been preapproved in advance with her supervisor. Otherwise, she has worked 40+ hours a week including Saturday and occasional Sundays without any complaints. She has been proven to be the fastest and the most accurate employee on the line pushing out production daily. At one point the supervisor moved to her to a separate line due to having a backup of parts that needed to be done by the end of the day. When she was moved the manager questioned if she would be returned to her line at the end of the day due to her excellent work ethic there. The didn’t want to give her up! She has sent many referrals our way and they all have been great employees as well. Her attitude is always positive and she never turns down a task. We really appreciate all of Juana’s hard work and dedication to her position!