Meet our Q2 MVP!

FastTrack Staffing’s MVP for the 2nd quarter of 2020 is Jacob Erwin from our Montague branch!

According to Montague Branch Manager, Emily Hall, ” Jacob is a superstar. I had him at a company and when things started slowing down they liked him so much they moved him into a department they told us we would never staff for just to try to keep him. He is now at Whitehall Products and has been KILLING it. He racks up all the OT, NEVER calls in or is late and they LOVE him as well.”

We truly appreciate Jacob and all his hard work and we are proud to have him on FastTrack’s team!

Here is Jacob accepting his MVP Bonus from recruiter Aleayah Loyd while practicing social distancing!

Reopening Business: 5 Areas to Address For Success

Uncertainty is prevalent as companies that were in complete or partial shutdown due to Covid-19 are now opening back up. Even essential businesses that have stayed open are concerned with what the future holds as things shift back into place. While there are numerous variables that are out of our control, having plans, policies, and strategies in place that address those variables increases your business’s chances for success and growth. Take the time to consider how your business will address these 5 aspects moving forward.

A Wellness Plan

  • Your company’s wellness plan should include PPE like masks and gloves, handwashing and distancing reminders, and health checks. Especially in organizations with large groups of employees, a daily health check consisting of questions and a no-touch temperature check can significantly help maintain the wellness of your team.

A Sanitation Plan

  • Sanitation of your facility during and after a pandemic goes beyond the normal tasks handled by janitorial staff and services. High touch points need to be continually sanitized throughout the day to provide a healthy environment for your staff. The addition of dedicated staff for this task is a simple solution. Putting a sanitation plan in place is proof positive of your commitment to keeping your team safe.

Updated Attendance Policy

  • An updated attendance policy is crucial to success as you open back up or transition back to full capacity. While some flexibility is needed, this is not the time to abandon attendance policies, because unfortunately, there are those who will abuse loosened guidelines. As employees return to work, a reminder of attendance guidelines is timely, as well as clear communication of any changes that you have made. It is a great time to put strategies in place to improve employee attendance.

Staffing Strategy

  • Even with proactive steps to keep your team healthy and a plan for returning to productivity, you will likely experience attendance issues. Having a plan in place to effectively and quickly fill openings to meet demand will help to stabilize your business. Partnering with a staffing company can be that solution.

Business Continuity Plan

  • The pandemic has taught business leaders the importance of flexibility and thinking outside the box. As things slowly return to the new normal, establishing a business continuity plan is a smart move. Be sure to include technology, people, location, supply chain, and other aspects that could be or have been affected.  Instead of reacting to forces, we cannot control, a business continuity plan addresses what to do when the unpredictable happens again.  

When you partner with your local FastTrack Staffing office, you get assistance in each of these areas. Delivering customized solutions tailored to your business and your market is what we do best.

Announcing more awards!

Abigail VanRees and Melinda Okerlund show their Almond Products’ Branch Award for 2019 Top Gun – Bottom Line

Brittnie Huggett – 2019 Top Gun Return on Investment

Emily Hall – 2019 Rookie of the Year

Norton Shores Branch (Emily Hall, Kaleigh Wheeler-Raugh, Brittnie Huggett) – Branch of the Year

Announcing the 4Q 2019 MVP!

We would like to announce Juana Garcia for our Q4 MVP! She has been working for us at Almond since September and has been a phenomenal employee since.  The only days she has missed have been preapproved in advance with her supervisor. Otherwise, she has worked 40+ hours a week including Saturday and occasional Sundays without any complaints. She has been proven to be the fastest and the most accurate employee on the line pushing out production daily. At one point the supervisor moved to her to a separate line due to having a backup of parts that needed to be done by the end of the day. When she was moved the manager questioned if she would be returned to her line at the end of the day due to her excellent work ethic there. The didn’t want to give her up! She has sent many referrals our way and they all have been great employees as well. Her attitude is always positive and she never turns down a task. We really appreciate all of Juana’s hard work and dedication to her position!

TEAM Trainer

GainesvilleIDP Brad Dailey


Congratulations our Area Manager, Brad Dailey, along with all of the other IDP workshop attendees at the University of Florida’s Stephen C. O’Connell Center in Gainesville, FL. Pictured are the trainers who became certified and recertified. The below people represent FastTrack Staffing, Inc., the O’Connell Center, Aramark, Americrown, Delaware North Sportservice, Miami Dolphins, Kennesaw State University’s Fifth Third Bank Stadium, and Milwaukee World Festival!